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Bridge Clamp

Catalog (SKU) Number: WT-BC

Our C-clamp selection is designed to meet all of your clamping requirements. Choose from deep-throat and extra-deep throat styles; heavy-service and extra-heavy-service; instant-action and quick-release clamps. We also offer a choice of heavy-duty workshop vises with swivel bases that rotate 180°.

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Product Specifications

Bridge Clamp   
Part NumberMfg Part NumberSizeDescription
WT-90102H90102H2-1/4Extra Heavy-Service Forged C-Clamps
WT-90403H90403H3-1/4Extra Heavy-Service Forged C-Clamps
WT-90104H90104H4-1/2Extra Heavy-Service Forged C-Clamps
WT-90104HSC90104HSC4-1/2Replacement Screw
WT-90105H90105H5-1/2Extra Heavy-Service Forged C-Clamps
WT-90105HSC90105HSC5-1/2Replacement Screw
WT-90106H90106H6-1/2Extra Heavy-Service Forged C-Clamps
WT-90106HSC90106HSC6-1/2Replacement Screw
WT-90108H90108H8-1/2Extra Heavy-Service Forged C-Clamps

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Tip of the Week

Rotary Hammers are an essential tool, when breaking up, building or generally working with concrete. Here are a few uncommon tips and tricks that will help the tool, bit, and operator. Let the weight of the tool do the work for you; pressing the tool with a large amount of force just leads to exhaustion. Routine maintenance prevents early and preventable mechanical failures from occurring; Grease the shank of the bit every time you change it. You can use your rotary hammer as a heavy duty drill by setting it to the “drill only” setting.

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