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Industrial Inside Sales

Bruce O'Neal    Cell: (206) 793-4550 bruce@pacificindustrial.com

William Huntington    william@pacificindustrial.com

Randy Proffer   

Mike Culp

Steel Dept

Derek Welch

Justen Marx

Wire Rope/Rigging Inside Sales

John Simmons   johnsimmons@pacificindustrial.com

Josh Chastain     chastain@pacificindustrial.com

Wire Rope/Rigging Outside Sales

Josh Leatherman   Cell: (206) 571-3697    josh@pacificindustrial.com

John Woodard   Cell: (206) 669-3902     johnw@pacificindustrial.com

Dave Rossi    Cell: (509) 844-2407      dave@pacificindustrial.com

Marine Outside Sales

Josh Leatherman    Cell: (206) 571-3697 josh@pacificindustrial.com


Bruce O'Neal       Cell: (206) 793-2460    Bruce@pacificindustrial.com

Shipping and Receiving

Maria Bucio-Suarez    shipping@pacificindustrial.com


James (JJ) Jones     jjones@pacificindustrial.com


Lisa Brauer            lisa@pacificindustrial.com

Credit/ Accts. Receivable

Kassie Good         kassie@pacificindustrial.com

Accts. Payable

Amber Cox           payables@pacificindustrial.com

Taisun; The Worlds Strongest Crane

06.16.2017 by Pacific Industrial Supply

Holding the record for the top 3 heaviest lifts; the Taisun crane in China is the strongest crane that exists in the world today. With a working load limit of over 44 million pounds or.........

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