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Rope and Twine

Pacific Blue 3-Strand Rope (Imported)

Catalog (SKU) Number: PACIFIC BLUE

  • Made from tough polyolefin yarns, our Pacific Blue offers excellent abrasion resistance along with high strength and easy handling.
  • This rope will float, offers great UV resistance, and is an economic high strength rope.
  • Other sizes, lengths, and coils available upon request.

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Product Specifications

Pacific Blue Imported 3-Strand Rope      
Part NumberDiameter (IN)Spool Length (FT)DescriptionAprox Tensile Strength (LBS)Weight (LBS PER REEL)Color
MR-233.125/161200Pacific Blue 3-Strand3,10024Sea Green
MR-2343/8600Pacific Blue 3-Strand3,55015Sea Green
MR-234.123/81200Pacific Blue 3-Strand3,55030Sea Green
MR-2357/16600Pacific Blue 3-Strand4,60018Sea Green
MR-2361/2600Pacific Blue 3-Strand6,00027Sea Green
MR-236.121/21200Pacific Blue 3-Strand6,00053Sea Green
MR-2375/8600Pacific Blue 3-Strand8,60046Sea Green
MR-237.125/81200Pacific Blue 3-Strand8,60092Sea Green
MR-2383/4600Pacific Blue 3-Strand12,60059Sea Green
MR-238.123/41200Pacific Blue 3-Strand12,600118Sea Green
MR-2407/8600Pacific Blue 3-Strand16,00088Sea Green
MR-2501600Pacific Blue 3-Strand20,000104Sea Green
MR-250.1211200Pacific Blue 3-Strand20,000208Sea Green
MR-2391-1/8600Pacific Blue 3-Strand26,000142Sea Green
MR-2551-1/4600Pacific Blue 3-Strand31,000160Sea Green
MR-2601-1/2600Pacific Blue 3-Strand43,000234Sea Green
MR-2652600Pacific Blue 3-Strand71,000414Sea Green
MR-2752-1/2600Pacific Blue 3-Strand114,000642Sea Green
MR-2803600Pacific Blue 3-Strand168,0001,028Sea Green

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