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Rope and Twine

Polydacron (Poly-Dac) 3-Strand Rope (Imported)

Catalog (SKU) Number: POLYDAC IMP

  • The polyester fiber bound over polypropylene core yarns gives this 3-strand Poly/ Dacron combo rope a high tensile strength.
  • Offers great absrasion resistance along with high strength.
  • This rope will hover just under the water's surface.
  • Soft rope for good grip and service use.
  • High strength and economical.
  • Great for industrial and marine applications.
  • Poly/ Dac offers great abrasion resistance.
  • Available in cut lengths upon request.

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Product Specifications

Polydacron (Poly-Dac) 3-Strand Imported Rope With Blue Tracers      
Part NumberDiameter (IN)Spool Length (FT)DescriptionTensile Strength (LBS)Weight (LBS PER REEL)Color
MR-3041/46003-Strand Poly-Dac Import1,20010White with blue tracers
MR-6055/166003-Strand Poly-Dac Import1,87015White with blue tracers
MR-3063/86003-Strand Poly-Dac Import2,70022White with blue tracers
MR-3077/166003-Strand Poly-Dac Import3,50029White with blue tracers
MR-3081/26003-Strand Poly-Dac Import4,40037White with blue tracers
MR-3105/86003-Strand Poly-Dac Import6,10057White with blue tracers
MR-3213/46003-Strand Poly-Dac Import8,40081White with blue tracers
MR-3147/86003-Strand Poly-Dac Import11,125108White with blue tracers
MR-31616003-Strand Poly-Dac Import13,175130White with blue tracers
MR-3201-1/86003-Strand Poly-Dac Import16,325163White with blue tracers
MR-3221-1/46003-Strand Poly-Dac Import19,900200White with blue tracers
MR-3241-1/26003-Strand Poly-Dac Import28,250282White with blue tracers

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