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Pully Blocks

Swivel Hook Double Sheave Block/Pulley (Domestic)

Catalog (SKU) Number: BLOCK DBL HOOK

  • This is a block/ pulley that is a quickly detachable fixture with dynamic rotation of the block. It allows some flexibility, as it will rotate when the load is being lifted or moved, allowing the block/ pulley to swivel to keep the alignment of where it is attached. Can be used with wire rope, fibrous rope, or nylon rope.
  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Great for athletic equipment such as netting for batting cages or volleyball stands. As well as marine applications for boat lifts, personal watercraft, boat rigging, docks. And commercial use like garages, overhead door use, barns, flag poles, and safety screens.
  • Other sizes and styles avaialble upon request.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Product Specifications

BD-0157821.53/165250.71.00001.5000.43752.43754.12501.62500.31250.43751.2188BLOCK DIVISION
BD-02078223/166001.051.50002.0000.43752.93754.62502.12500.31250.43751.2188BLOCK DIVISION
BD-0257822.51/46851.652.00002.5000.43753.43755.75002.62500.50000.62501.2188BLOCK DIVISION
BD-03078231/48002.252.50003.0000.43755.37506.25003.12500.50000.62501.2188BLOCK DIVISION
BD-0357823.55/161,5505.153.00003.5000.62505.37508.50003.75000.81250.93751.8125BLOCK DIVISION

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