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Brooms, Brushes, Dusters, Handles, Floor Squeegee, Whisks and Dust pans

Catalog (SKU) Number: RB-Broom

Made from a variety of materials; Cotton, Palmyra, Polypropylene, Corn, PVC, Wire Core. Ranging from 36 inches to 7inch whisk broom. All of our products are made to work well and last.

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Product Specifications

Brooms and Brushes    
Part Number Mfg Part NumberWidthBristle MaterialDescription
RB-10332709918PalmyraMade from Palmyra, a long wearing natural bristle; performs extremely well on wet and dry floors. Hardwood block with two threaded holes. Handles and braces sold separately. 4trim.
RB-10392711224Maroon polypropyleneMaroon polypropylene fill is not affected by chemicals and petroleum products. Solvent resistant stiff fiber sweeps heavy dirt over rough surfaces. Hardwood block with two threaded holes. Handles and braces sold separately. 3-1/4 trim.
RB-10402711436Maroon polypropylene 
RB-10452060416PalmyraPalmyra stalks are extra stiff, split natural fibers. Gives a more aggressive sweeping action but is harder to push. Moves large debris. Hardwood blocks with two tapered holes. Handles and braces sold separately.
RB-10492713216Poly-BassPoly-Bass polystyrene fibers perform as well as natural fibers. Much longer service life. Unaffected by moisture, insects, chemicals or bacteria. Hardwood blocks with two tapered handle holes. 5-1/4 trim.
RB-1066610714CornJanitor Corn Broom
RB-10686122-CornWarehouse Broom
RB-10736202-67CornCommercial 'Toy' Broom
RB-107430077CornWhisk Broom
RB-10769642512MetalMetal Dust Pan
RB-11332270836RubberCurved Squeegee
RB-1155964218-Counter Duster
RB-116127164 Natural BristleTampico Hand Brush
RB-11672719010PolyProPoly Scrub Brush
RB-1170271958PalmyraPalmyra Utility Brush
RB-11742719620PalmyraPalmyra Utility Brush
RB-11779660420PolyProPlastic Pot Brush
RB-1207271548-Detail Wash Brush
RB-1535272616-1/2-Masonry Brush
RB-900759007524ozCottonCotton Nop Head
RB-96436-496436-436PVC FiberFine Sweep Broom Head
RB-1057972601-1/8 x 60-Tapered Handle
RB-1058972621-1/8 x 60-Commercial Wood Handle with Metal Threads
RB-106525599--Angle Broom Brace

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