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Circular Blades

Circular Saw Blades

Catalog (SKU) Number: AT-CS

Our circular saw blade is designed tough and long lasting for the professional. The thin kerf design provides faster, cleaner cutting action as less material is being removed. The hardened plate runs truer and avoids warping. C3 carbide tips provide long life and are impact resistant. The specifically engineered heat vents reduce heat and resin build-up which can lead to blade binding and warping. Marathon's unique shoulder design puts more support behind each tooth and provides for consistent chip removal. Marathon saw blades are truly "Long Distance Runners."

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Product Specifications

Circular Saw Blades      
Size (in)Part NumberMfg Part NumberDescriptionTeethArbor Size (in)Material
14AV14080AV-14080Steel Cutting Blade801Steel
12AV12060AV-12060Steel Cutting Blade601Steel
12AV12019AV-12019Compound Miter Saw Blade801Wood
10AV10022AV-10022Combination Blade405/8Wood
10AV10019AV-10019Compound Miter Saw Blade605/8Wood
10AV10080AV-10080Steel Cutting Blade805/8Steel
8-1/4AV82524AV-82524Combination blade245/8Wood
8AV89948AV-89948Steel Cutting Blade485/8Steel
7-1/4AV72536AV-72536General Purpose 365/8General Duty
6-1/2AV65024AV-65024Cordless Saw Blade245/8Wood
5-3/8MKM-160101769Steel Cutting Blade5020mmThin Steel
5-3/8MKM-161101332Steel Cutting Blade325/8inSteel
7MKM-162101363Steel Cutting Blade4020mmSteel
7MKM-163101608Aluminum Cutting Blade5420mmAluminum
7-1/4MKM-164101349Steel Cutting Blade405/8 KOSteel

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Tip of the Week

Rotary Hammers are an essential tool, when breaking up, building or generally working with concrete. Here are a few uncommon tips and tricks that will help the tool, bit, and operator. Let the weight of the tool do the work for you; pressing the tool with a large amount of force just leads to exhaustion. Routine maintenance prevents early and preventable mechanical failures from occurring; Grease the shank of the bit every time you change it. You can use your rotary hammer as a heavy duty drill by setting it to the “drill only” setting.

“Pacific Industrial has been a valuable and resourceful supplier to our jobsites. Lukasz has gone above and beyond for us to get us what we need whether it is something that they carry on their shelf or having the ability to find it for us.”

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